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London in June

I am glad I was greeted by such nice weather in June during my visit.  It was sunny everyday for a whole week.  To top it off, the sun didn’t go down until almost 11pm at night.  I stayed in the Shoreditch neighbourhood which is on the eastern edge of central London. There’s an urban and artsy vibe with graffiti everywhere, cafe on every street and many interesting shops, not to mention some surprisingly good restaurants.  It’s a great area for your stay if you don’t plan to do a lot of shopping on the West side.  My purpose to London was mainly for gallery and museum visits so I wanted to stay away from the tourist areas on the West.







Lots of graffiti, restaurants and cafe in Shoreditch.  Many people ride bikes and the locals start drinking around 5pm outside of bars and restaurants.



When I arrived at the Hoxton hotel I was overwhelmed by the artificial perfume smell.  I guess they need to mask the smell of booze from all the partying at the lobby every single night.  The place is packed even on weekdays.  I asked for a quiet room on the 5th or 6th floor with lots of sunlight and the hotel delivered especially with the double glass windows.  There’s a double bed, small table, and a single seater in the room but no proper luggage space so I had to open my luggage on the floor.  It’s comfortable for a 4 star hotel.

As for clothing, I packed some long sleeved tees, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of leather shorts, a chiffon blouse, a leather jacket and a baseball jacket.  It’s very hot during the day but windy at night.


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Ed Atkins at the Serpentine Gallery

Back to Hong Kong from my 1 week trip to London for museum/gallery visits.  I really enjoyed the solo exhibition of Ed Atkins at the Serpentine gallery.  The dark and intimate setting was very suitable for the overall gothic surrealistic feel of Atkins’ HD videos.  Overall a hauntingly surreal, melancholic, and dramatic effect.  Found out he’s actually a fan of Jan Svankmajer, whose Jabberwocky short film I love to death.  No wonder I find Atkins’ work amazing.





If you are interested in the Jan Svankmajer’s Jabberwocky animation, here’s the video:


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