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In the moment

In the moment

I never think about the future, it comes soon enough. – Albert Einstein

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My love for real books

I must confess I absolutely love books that’s why I still haven’t bought a kindle.  The physical presence of a book, its smell, texture, printing, paper…aspects that a digital book cannot replicate.  Today I walked into PageOne and this book, “The Duchamp dictionary” caught my eyes.  The layout is gorgeous so I bought it even before sampling a few pages.  The cover and illustrations are designed by Luke Frost & Therese Vandling.  What an awesome job they’ve done!



Lovely combination of light pink, ultramarine blue and orangey red + graphic layout.  Duchamp here I come!



The illustrations are lovely.  I looked it up and found Therese Vandling‘s website.

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Shopping for art supplies in Hong Kong

Just like many things in life, looking for art supply shops in Hong Kong could seem more confusing than it actually is at the beginning.  It becomes a fun activity once I did a bit of research and got some recommendations by resourceful friends.  Here are some places you might wanna check out if you need to stock up on art supplies, or look for places to print out materials etc.


Artland. A 4000 sq. ft. art supply shop in Wanchai with wide range of products.  The place I go for Golden acrylics.

3/F, Lockhart Centre, 301-307 Lockhart Road.  Wanchai.

T: 2511-4845

Artsman.  Very friendly and knowledgable owners.  Distributor of Maimeri products.

T: 2573-8159

Art Shop.  Sometimes I go there for W&N artist grade oil paints.  The owner is friendly and talkative.

1/F, 36-40 Johnston Road, Wanchai.

T: 2865-6510


CN square.  The largest art supply store in Hong Kong which occupies a 5 storey building in Mongkok.  You can find almost anything you want from art supplies to offices equipments.  I go there for canvas, brushes, W&S artist oil paints and Holbein watercolors.  However, if you are looking for watercolor paper they only carry Canson.  They do have watercolor pads by other brands though.

503 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

T: 2384-2430

Hong Kong art supplies.  Located in Prince Edward this shop doesn’t have the high end painting materials.  They mostly sell student grade products.  You can also find some art & craft materials there.  A shop gears towards students and primary/ high school teachers.

G/F, 77 Bute Street, Mongkok, Kowloon

T: 2390-0228

Kwong Yick Art & Design Materials Ltd.  The staffs are older and have characters.  They could give you the impression of “don’t give a f*ck” the first time you visit, but are actually very blunt and friendly.  A place for quality watercolor papers like Aches, Saunders and Fabriano.  I usually go there for Aches watercolor paper and Fabriano drawing book.  Also, this is the only place on the Kowloon side with Turpenoid natural which I use for cleaning oil paint brushes.  

G/F, 169 Sai Yee Street, Mongkok.

T: 2393-2277


INK’CHACHA.  Alternative printing platform for illustrators, designers, photographers etc.  They have risograph duplicator using soy ink.

The orange door,
Flat C, 4/F, 
Far East Industrial Building, 
334-336 Kwun Tong Road,
Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon.

T: 3590-9551

HK Imaging.  Professional printer.

Suite 202, Thomson Centre, 76-78 Thomson Road, Wanchai.

T: 2893-2389

Kwan’S (Poon Kee) Silk Screening Co.

Silk screen printing service and materials.

62A Yen Chow Street, Shum Shui Po.  MTR Shum Shui Po station C2 exit.

T: 2729-6633

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Restaurant of the day – Upper modern bistro


Upper modern bistro
Chef: Philippe Orrico
Modern casual french

I was at Tai Ping Shan street today, and had to look for a place for late lunch.  This is the second time of me dining at this restaurant.  I ordered from the lunch menu and had the lentil soup, egg raviolo and a mandarin dessert.  They all tasted fresh and lovely.   The wait staffs were very friendly and attentive.  I would definitely go back for more.  If you are visiting Hong Kong, book a table and spend an afternoon strolling around that area with lovely little shops, galleries selling contemporary art and Chinese antiquities.

6 Upper station street, Hong Kong.

T: (852)2517-0977


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Art journal today


Playing with composition and colours for self portrait.

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Valentina Lisitsa at St Pancras station

A wonderful performance by Lisitsa at St Pancras station, London. Imagine yourself going on with your daily routine and just happen to be there.

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Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

Some interesting works to share.


This piece is so intricate and I came back to look at it twice.


Repetitive images can be hypnotic.


Gert & Uwe Tobias.  Woodcut on canvas.  The texture and colors are quite lovely.


A small painting by de chirico.


Fiona Hall’s sardine can is playful and well crafted.


An installation by Rebecca Baumann called Color field automated.  i looked at this piece for a long time waiting for the next random change of color.  It reminds me of old school airport flight board.


Another piece by Do Ho Suh.  the movement and color are graceful.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

An eye candy full of witty and dark sense of humour, yummy cinematography, and flawless directing by Wes Anderson.






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